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Kids’ companions are toys. The entire childhood is fascinated by the marvels of the toys. Kids can imagine their toys as their partners who can play with them.

The primary need of children can be regarded as toys. Your priority is to fulfill the requirements of your kids, and our top priority is to take care of your needs. Yes, The Kids Emporium is here with the plenty of toys for your babies.

We are offering our services at a very affordable and cheap price. The Kids Emporium wants to save you from the hustle and bustle of the shopping malls. Now, you don’t have to search for the right kind of toys among a fully packed toy shop. Just log in to our official website, select your desired toys for your kids and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Our member

We are kids Emporium. We have recently started our business. We run the business at a local level. The credit for taking this initiative goes to Mr. Hafiz M Awais, Muhammad Waqar & Umer Shakoor; who has started the journey of business with vision.


We have a vast array of toys.  You can get quality and quantity at our online store. We offer toys for infants, for toddlers, and younger children. We care for our customers so; we provide our toys and services in all the major cities, e.g. Karachi and Lahore as well as small towns and villages.

Our toys are favorite among kids of all age group. Our toys range includes the following categories:

  1. Newborn toys
  2. Infant’s Toys.
  3. Toddler’s toys
  4. Baby Boy Toys.
  5. Baby Girls Toys.
  6. Outdoor Toys.
  7. Games
  8. Gifts and Presents.
  9. Educational toys and accessories.

Our toys are equally famous among the kids of all age groups. We are offering quality, quantity, and variety under the same roof.

Sales and Deals:

Sales are always exciting. We know the preferences of our customers, so we present a different deal and sale offers on a variety of our products. Who will not avail the opportunity to buy one and get one free?

To encourage your interest in our toys service, there are a lot of crazy deals on our toys. These deals are present on our website. The arrangements and offers can be daily so never forget to scroll through our website to get exciting deals and offers.

Apart from this, we also offer clearance sales from where you can select piles of toys for the happiness of your kids. Give your kids a surprise by selecting from the hottest and crazy deals and sales and see the color of joy on your kid’s face.


We spend childhood once, in a lifetime. If this time is not thoroughly enjoyed, you have a lot of regrets for the rest of your life. The right guidance is essential during childhood. Same is the case with the babies playing tools.

The right kind of toy according to your kid’s personality proves helpful for his physical as well as psychological needs. The primary purpose of starting this business is to provide awareness among the parents regarding the right choice of toys.

In our standard setup, kids get loaded with a variety of toys, but none is by their age. The three months old infant is also playing with a teddy bear, and a five years old child gets the same size teddy bear as a gift for his fifth birthday.

Our vision is to provide the variety of toys that are by the age of your kids, so they can have the actual fun while playing with their imaginary partners so, take care of your kids along with our excellent guide.

We are offering reliance:

We are not just offering toys at your doorstep; we are fulfilling your trust requirements.

We give a guarantee regarding quality and material. We also provide change and return policy in the case you do not like the color or the shape of the ordered toy.

Warranty check policy is also included on our website. After receiving the order, Customer can register his/her complain against any error, color change or regarding any other issue; you can register your complaint on our official website.

You can also contact us, in case you do not like the color or design of the recently ordered product.


We are offering 10% off on all products if you sign up our newsletter, so what are you waiting for? Sign up and grab all the exciting offers.

Now you can bring your child’s fantasies into reality quite, but the ease always has its cost.  Our service is high-speed.  We offer our goods and services at every corner of the country. We take minimal amount as our shipping charges.

Quite like our products, our shipping charges are also quite affordable. We charge 150 rupees per order; however, if you shop our products with 2000+ worth, our shipping is free.

Just log in to your browser and go to https://kidsemporium.com.pk. Just log in, select a toy of your choice and get it delivered at your doorstep. For further quarries and information, you can contact us at admin@kidsemporium.com.pk. We also provide our alternative email address for the ease of our customers. Our alternative email address is info@kidsemporium.com.pk.

Order tracking:

You can track your order by calling us at our official number +92 321 1048768.

Online support:

We offer online support for 24 hours. There is no concept of holidays in our service

We take care of you.  We accept every kind of credit card, cash payments, easy paisa and all other payment resources that are available in Pakistan.