Funny Tiger

  • Funny tiger is a plastic toy manufactured with export quality material.
  • It has bright color scheme that makes it attractive and eye catching for kids.
  • It has beautiful packaging. Attractive and beautiful packaging also makes kid’s attraction factor much stronger.
  • It is regarded as a suitable toy for boys and the best toy for girls.
  • It is an ideal electronic pet toy which is made up of plastic material.
  • Its refined shape and genuine looks makes it the best baby toy.
  • This toy is also used a pre-school learning figure.
  • It is a perfect learning and music toy.
  • It is available in orange and yellow colors.
  • It is best suited to 4-11 months and 1-4 years old kids.
  • The price for this funny tiger is just 1200 Rupees.


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Funny Tiger Specifications:

  • Bright colors
  • Genuine looks
  • Refined shapes
  • Original colors
  • Plastic material
  • Export quality product
  • Ideal baby toy
  • Perfect electronic pet
  • Grab your music and learning toy
  • Excellent range of toys
  • Suitable toy for boys
  • Best toy for girls
  • Preschool figure
  • Available in orange and yellow colors
  • Suitable for 4-11 month and 1-4 years old kids

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