Shipping Guide

The Kids Emporium is facilitating its customers by providing a detailed shipping guide to its online customers. Our Online shipping guide explains everything briefly and openly. The following points are illustrated as a shipping guide:

Our Price Range:

The price range at our emporium starts from 500 PKR. The rest is your choice and affordability. We offer toy up to 10,000 approximately. The decision is solely yours.

Shipping criteria:

The Kids Emporium greets its esteemed customers everywhere in the World. We deliver in all big and small cities, towns and villages of the entire World. We are currently providing our services at national as well as at the International level. We deliver all the required toys at your doorstep.

Nationwide shipping:

You can place your order online at our website as well as through our content number and email as well.

International Shipping:

For international shipping, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Place your order at the official website of Kids Emporium, i.e.
  2. Select the toys of your choice, add them in your cart.
  3. Follow the given procedure for order confirmation.
  4. Our team will contact you through email for further process.

Shipping charges:

We charge 150 PKR per order. For International shipping, the process is finalized through email. The minimum costs for International shipping are 2500.

Return Policy:

The Kids Emporium does not offer any return policy. The only clause is of color change that you can hire in return policy. If there any technical fault, we provide the same product in a different color. We offer a replacement policy. If there is any error or defect in the delivered order, you can contact us for replacement and return policy. In case of any mistake, register your complaint within 24 hours, after 24 hours your complaint will not be considered valid.

For the convenience of our customers, we are offering the following new additional services:

Free shipping service:

We charge our valued customer 150 PKR per order, but there is an offer for more significant orders as well. If you shop our toys having a price range which extends from 1000 PKR, we offer you free delivery services. The kid’s Emporium, it’s all about you.

Warranties check service:

We are providing our esteemed customers warranted checks services. This service lasts for 24 hours after order delivery. Within 24 hours, you can contact us for change, returns or replacement services.

How Can You Connect Us?

Just log in to your browser and go to Just log in, select a toy of your choice and get it delivered at your doorstep. For further quarries and information, you can contact us at We also provide our alternative email address for the ease of our customers. Our alternative email address is

Mobile Number:

You can track your order by calling us at our official number +92 321 1048768.

Online support:

We offer online support for 24 hours. There is no concept of holidays in our service.

Our Payment Method:

We take care of you.  We accept every kind of credit card, cash payments, easy paisa and all other payment resources that are available in Pakistan.

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